regulatory opportunities
November 29, 2023

Asia's rapidly evolving regulatory environment creates massive commercial opportunities

Kelly Nam
Senior Director
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Republic’s institutional expertise around legal, regulatory and compliance issues relevant to the evolving FinTech/web3 innovations is second to none globally, and this expertise will be deeply integrated into Republic Asia's investment sourcing and diligence. Republic's deep bench of experts in fintech innovation and regulatory considerations will be extremely crucial in helping local companies scale beyond their national borders.

Asia is home to a growing number of fintech, digital asset and infrastructure companies that are actively building to meet local consumer needs and complex local legal and compliance obligations. As there is no single regional authority (i.e. EU) to seek approval from in order to begin serving customers across Asia, companies will need to develop their own legal positions about complex regulatory matters and then seek to determine business viability and suitability in new jurisdictions.

Republic Asia will be able to identify key issues in these analysis based on our knowledge and experiences and help our portfolio companies scale beyond their home countries.

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