Fintech/Web3 in Asia
March 11, 2022

Asia will outpace the world in fintech/web3 adoption

Paul Lee
Senior Director
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APAC is showing the largest adoption of blockchain technology across all global markets. Online alternative financing market in APAC is developing rapidly into a $100B+ market, and due to increasing demands for efficient and affordable options to send cross-border payments, many banking and financial institutions are actively exploring ways to utilize blockchain. Growth in crowdfunding and P2P finance in APAC countries including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and India will continue as a result of inefficiencies in traditional finance channels.

Republic Asia will partner with and invest in on-the-ground startups that have critical infrastructure capacities to eventually help build a broader region-wide platform experience — for anyone. Our target geography will span across Asia, with major focus on Korea and Southeast Asia, but we will selectively pursue non-Asia based opportunities if we see clear potential for cross-border growth opportunities.

By taking a regional perspective across the entire market, Republic Asia will work with partners in different countries to share best practices and cross-pollinate business opportunities in local markets with global leaders, while leveraging the institutional knowledge base and experience of Republic's global enterprise. Republic's own experiences with (1) building retail, institutional and digital investment platforms globally and (2) tokenization and tokenomics will inform our investment decisions and portfolio support.

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