July 18, 2023

Asia will emerge as global cultural leader in the future web3 era

Andrew Durgee
Head of Republic Crypto
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Behavioral shifts in consumption of cultural products, whether in the form of digital media or physical goods, led by the MZ generation, are inspiring businesses to find creative ways to weave web3 solutions into product offerings and customer engagement. 

In the early days of the internet, adopting an “online” strategy in traditionally mainstream businesses was considered a secondary option, an unpromising experiment. Today, every company is an “internet company” and the companies that couldn't adopt fast enough has disappeared. Web3 applications will continue to grow and the relevant user experiences will only improve to satisfy their demanding customer base. Asia’s massive consumer base, especially the rising MZ population, will continue to be the driving force of blockchain’s market expansion in the region— starting from retail brands to art, media and entertainment.

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